Benjamin W Ickler

Ash the Wanderer

November 13, 2022

A wandering bard and her talking cat go on adventures in a magical fantasy realm, singing songs and raising spirits wherever they go. They try to bring hope and joy to the people they meet, but all is not right in the land of Palenia.

The Book of Bokkarh

April 24, 2022

Ghosts. Witches. Wraiths. Wizards. Demons. Trolls. It’s all giving Edgar one hell of a headache.

Althea the Terrible

May 04, 2018

Every sorcerer needs a talking skull in their life.

Between Planets

Where stardust falls, we wander between planets. Explore the multimedia universe where all my stories take place.

Space Thief

A musical interlude for the wearied soul.