Benjamin W Ickler

The Book of Bokkarh

April, 2022

Ghosts. Witches. Wraiths. Wizards. Demons. Trolls. It’s all giving Edgar one hell of a headache.

Edgar wasn’t trying to be a ghost whisperer—he’s terrified of ghosts. But then the ghosts started whispering at him. Fortunately his friend Rebecca’s a witch. She knows just what to do: She’s going to teach him how to counsel ghosts so they can move on to the afterworld.

But when they get there, freaky shadow phantoms show up and turn the whole thing into an even bigger nightmare. They’re whispering into his mind and clawing at his soul.

Now Edgar’s falling in and out of the spirit world. He’s seeing dancing skeletons and spectral wizards, and there might be a demon stalking him. The only reasonable solution is to go on a quest to another planet to find an ancient spellbook. Maybe it’ll be exactly what they need to get everything back to normal. At least it can’t get any worse, right?